Oakley is the littlest sibling to her five sisters and one brother; little in size but not in stature. This pup is ready to give Usain Bolt and Mario Andrede a run for their money with lightning fast legs and closing speed demonstrated by her furious laps around the backyard.

This Red Letter Doodle has been branded the most photogenic creature on four furry feet by friends and relatives. Oakley is considering her own social media account and has already premiered in her first YouTube video. She sleeps well in her crate, plays well, and does flips and spins every time she meets a new neighbor or four-legged friend.

Oakley loves her stuffed camel, elephant and purple squeaky monkey. She also passes time watching baseball with dad, taking long walks and jumping in the car for sunset drives before bed. She has aspirations to hike, camp, swim, kayak and write a book or two about the value of mid-day naps and rawhide bones.

Her Guardian Family is incredibly grateful to have welcomed Oakley into their home and look forward to a lifetime of adventures with their new doodle!

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