Fireworks, Dogs, and Safety

The countdown is on for 2021! While we all are waiting to see 2020 move out, celebrating the new year is on people’s minds. Whether you’re gathering with family or celebrating alone, some popular celebrations can be very stressful for your Goldendoodles.

From fireworks to confetti cannons and banging pots and pans the noise of New Year’s Eve and Day is present. Some Goldendoodles may take to hiding away from the noise, others may be in the middle of all the fun. Regardless of your pet’s personality, there are a few safety measures you can take as a dog owner to keep your Goldendoodle calm and safe this holiday season.


Along with the 4th of July, New Year’s Day is one of the top days each year when pets turn up lost. The outdoor nature of traditional celebrations and unexpected noises from fireworks cause some animals to bolt or try to find a safe and quiet place to hide. Pet rescue centers often recommend checking that your animal’s ID tags are legible and up to date with current contact information including the pet’s name, your name, and a working phone number. While collars can break or fall off, it’s also wise to double check your dog’s microchip, too. Checking for a microchip is a free and easy service numerous vets and animal shelters provide when a lost pet is picked up.

Safe Space

Many Goldendoodle owners make sure their pet is in a safe space away from where they will be celebrating. A crate-trained Goldendoodle may feel most secure in their crate with a favorite toy. Others may want to rest in a favorite bedroom with a door closed where they can rest or play without strangers or party materials nearby.


With fireworks being a popular choice on New Year’s Eve, making sure your Goldendoodle is secure inside their home is wise. This keeps your pet from suffering from the loud booms related to fireworks or the burn risk from sparks or a malfunctioning explosive. Even the most well-behaved dogs can be startled in new and unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds. This also keeps your dog away from the temptation of chewing on materials that are unsafe for consumption.

Calming Treats

With neighbors celebrating into the night, you may find yourself with an anxious puppy long after you have put away your confetti poppers and streamers. Some Goldendoodle owners like to give their pets a treat formulated to help calm their nerves before any of the partying starts on the block. Of course, simply taking time to sit with your pet and reassure them that the noises are ok and take time to play pet them will help them know they’re safe and their favorite human is also safe.

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