Tips to maintain your puppy Grooming & when is the prefect age for this

One of the first questions a Goldendoodle owner will ask is when to start grooming their puppy. It’s important to recognize the need for regular grooming services throughout your dog’s life. It’s best to talk with your trusted groomer and develop a plan tailored to your dog’s coat and needs- whether very curly or more wavy and straight. However, below are tips for maintaining your puppy’s coat.



Goldendoodles often have the classic curly coat from their poodle gene lines. This means the hair will curl and mat without regular attention. A slicker brush is useful for daily brushing to keep any tangles or mats from developing. Start a brushing routine early with your puppy to help them learn this is a safe and a time to bind with you before meeting a groomer.


Doodles are more prone to mats such as behind the knee joints or at the base of the tail, and a metal tooth comb is a handy tool to have. Working the comb from their skin out can help break up mats and tangles that could become painful for your dog and need shaved out by a groomer. Use a comb after your slicker brush for best results.


Bathing your dog too often can dry out their skin. However, you want to establish early that bath time isn’t a scary time for them either. Always make sure you are using lukewarm water and a dryer specifically for dogs so their skin isn’t accidentally burned.  Some groomers will offer services where you can bring in your puppy for a bath and nails treatment to help them become more comfortable to the groomer and the environment of their grooming salon.



Depending on your Doodle’s hair type and the length you’re able to maintain at home, will affect how often your dog will need to be groomed. Typically 6-8 weeks between cuts is normal. For Goldendoodle owners who want fur kept shorter, grooming every 4 weeks may be necessary. Some groomers will start cutting at 6 months although a puppy’s coat could continue to change throughout their first year as their adult coat comes in.

With care and attention, brushing and grooming your puppy can be a rewarding time of bonding and building trust between you and your new best friend.

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