Insects That Can Affect Your Family Pets

Your pets are a treasured part of your family and you want to make sure you care for them in every way possible. One thing to be aware of is the types of pests that your pet can be vulnerable to. Knowing common types of pests and bugs and how to deal with them can help you provide the best care for your animals. 


Unfortunately, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying to humans. Mosquitos will also bite your pets and they have the potential to do a lot of damage. For dogs, a bite can lead to a great deal of irritation. The bite is itchy and your dog will scratch at it. 

This scratching can lead to further irritation, skin damage, and even infection. Some mosquitos even carry diseases that can harm your pet. Your best plan of action is repelling mosquitos. You can repel them in your environment (removing standing water in your yard is a good start) and you can repel them from your pet directly. You can find pet-friendly mosquito repellent.


Fleas are a parasite that irritates your dog. They bite and draw blood from your animal, leaving behind flea dirt and eggs. If your pets have fleas, it leads to them scratching more as well as chewing and licking at their skin. Scratching can cause scabs to form and can damage their skin. 

Some pets may even be allergic to fleas and this can cause swelling, redness, and irritation. You should check your pet for fleas and find ways to treat them if any are found. Of course, you also want to take preventative measures. Veterinarians can offer preventative treatments for fleas.


Ticks are arachnids that combine a lot of the problems of both mosquitos and fleas. They will bite your pets and will draw their blood. These bites will cause irritation and there is even potential for ticks to carry diseases such as Lyme disease that can harm your pet. Some ticks even draw enough blood to cause deficiencies like anemia. Ticks can attach to your pets anytime you go outside. The best thing you can do is use tick control products and you can talk to your veterinarian about the best options. After going outside, especially in areas known to have ticks, make sure you always thoroughly check your pet with a flea comb.

Many parasites can cause problems for your pets. It’s helpful to know plenty about the area you live in so you know what insects to be on the lookout for. Some animals may also be more prone to picking up certain insects. Once you know what to look out for, make sure you take some preventative measures to protect your pet. 

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