Muddy Paws- What Can be Done About Them?

Ah, the rain and snow of the winter season creates a slushy and muddy mess. Whether your Goldendoodle is running outside for a bathroom break or going on a daily walk, the mud is nearly unavoidable. Fortunately, there are some practices that can reduce the mess your doodle will drag into the house or the possibility of mats forming around their paws and lower legs.

Keep Their Fur Short

The long fluffy curly coat of the Goldendoodle is iconic. Who doesn’t love a good snuggle in their soft fur. However, during times of year where their coats can get weighted down by mud, it’s not ideal. Many doodle owners will keep their dog’s paws and legs cut shorter. This allows for a quick towel drying when they come inside and leaves less hair to matt together between brushing and combing. We covered ideal brushes and combs in a previous article.

Paw Plungers

There are a variety of products available online for quick cleans between baths. One product that is recommended among Goldendoodle owners is the paw plunger. It’s a portable way to wash dirt and debri off paws without trying to get your dog in a sink or bathtub. You can keep this handy accessory near the door your dog comes in and out or in your car if you’re going out for a walk or hike. This can save your furniture and carpet as well as keep your doodle more comfortable and clean. Don’t forget a high absorbency towel, such as microfiber, to get the excess water out of their fur after using the paw plunger.


Some Goldendoodle owners will outfit their pet with a set of their own waterproof boots. This option can help keep your pet’s not only dry, but also warm without any need to clean and towel dry once they are back inside. Some styles of paw boots also provide extra traction when walking on rocks or along creeks. Your Goldendoodles’ paws may sweat in a product such as these, so always be away of drying off their paws and watching for anything abnormal on their pads or between toes.

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