Smart Toys for Intelligent Dogs

Christmas is right around the corner, and many people are on the hunt for gifts and deals throughout November and into December. Of course, this isn’t limited to just gifts for the humans in your life, but also your furry family members- your Goldendoodles!

Goldendoodles are extremely smart animals by design. With genetics coming from both Golden Retrievers and Poodles, your Goldendoodle may get bored easily and become destructive. Of course, time spent on walks or playing with family members is best, but there are times when they may not be able to have your full attention. Fortunately, there are many toys designed to challenge and engage your pup’s brain. We’ve compiled a few below.

For the Chewer

Bark Box has a subscription box available for your home’s super chewer. With tough toys that last a while to softer chews that bring a quicker sense of satisfaction for your pup. If you’re not interested in a subscription service, Nylabones, bully sticks, and Himalayan Chews are all highly recommended chew toys for dogs.

Nylabones come in a variety of sizes and firmness to best fit your puppy’s age and stage of teething. RedLetter Doodle’s Scarlet loves the Healthy Edibles line of chews, although they don’t last as long as the Real Wood Stick Strong toys she also enjoys.

Bully sticks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are easily a favorite among Goldendoodles. These can be sourced locally if you have a beef processing plant nearby, but there are a variety of American-based brands that provide a quality chew that is a safer alternative to rawhide.

Himalayan Chews are a cheese alternative for your dog to chew on. Some brands will infused their chew sticks with bacon, peanut butter, or even chicken to create a tastier treat for your dog. A fun benefit to a Himalayan Chew is when the stick is too small to be safely chewed on, you’re able to soak what is left in water, microwave it, and create a puffy treat that your dog can enjoy quickly.

For the Thinker

There are a variety of puzzles created on levels that increase in difficulty for your doodle to interact with and find treats. From a Kong toy filled with frozen peanut butter to a base puzzle or a more complicated set up, your dog will be challenged to figure out how to find their treats.

If you’re looking for something that is lighter on the treats, hide and seek toys or ball launchers are great options. The Hide a Squirrel is a soft and fun exploration toy for your Goldendoodle to have without added edible treats. Your pup can also be challenged to interact with an automatic ball launcher. That can keep your pup running and chasing their ball for as long as they decide to continue to bring the ball back to the launcher. One last interactive toy to consider is a battery operated jumping ball. With various types that light up or make sounds, your dog can stay engaged and moving through playing with the toy.

Make your Christmas list a dream for your Goldendoodle this year that continues to challenge their thinking and problem solving each day.

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