3 Important Training For Dogs To Make Your & Dog Life Easier

New Goldendoodle owners have many questions after getting their new dog, but the most common are potty training and where to start with commands. You can read our series of potty training your Goldendoodle puppy with a bell, crate, and a tether in Doodle Diaries. This article will cover 3 beginner commands for your puppy that will make life a little easier and less stressful for both puppy and humans in the home.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you train your puppy with praise and treats, NOT punishment. Your puppy will grow to trust and bond with you more as you play and interact through positive training methods.

​These Training for Dogs will also help you to make your dog attractive in the eyes of other peoples


The universal go-to command for dogs. We want them to sit for treats, or by our feet at a table, or when meeting a new person. It keeps the dog from getting tangled up on a leash, accidentally hurting someone with their nails, and from running into an unsafe area. Choose a high-quality reward- very small pieces of boiled chicken or something similar. You’ll want to first get your puppy’s attention with the treat. Once they are paying attention to the treat, you will gently move the treat close to their nose and towards the back of their head. This will cause your puppy to back up or sit down naturally. Reward your Goldendoodle puppy as soon as they are in the sitting position and say the word “sit”. You’ll gradually move your rewards to where they remain in front of your puppy’s nose and say “sit” before they do the motion. You’ll reward them for responding.



This training for dogs easily incorporates into your time spent playing with your doodle puppy and teaching them to sit. Again, you’ll want to use high-quality treats to get your puppy’s attention and reward them frequently while playing and training. In the beginning, once your puppy sits, you’ll wait just a moment for them to hold their position before feeding them a treat while saying “stay”. You’ll repeat this frequently while adding more time for them to stay still for the treat before getting their reward.

Zak George is a dog trainer who has a helpful video for sit and stays showing how this training will look like with your new puppy.


Leave it or Drop it

This is a very important command for your puppy’s safety. Dogs are naturally curious and puppy’s love to chew as they’re growing and teething. Both of these traits combine to a potentially dangerous situation where your Goldendoodle may eat something that could make them sick. This command can be taught with high value treats and time without any physical punishments or forcing their jaw to release- both which don’t help build trust with your Goldendoodle puppy. This command uses high value treats and a swap method to train your pup to drop what they have- a toy, sock, etc for the treat you have. This Youtube video by DomesticatedManners shows this method step by step with his dog.

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