Safety tips to traveling with Your Pet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While travel is certainly less this year due to Covid-19 precautions, you may still find yourself heading away from home with your Goldendoodle. You may have checked off your list of food, treats, and comfort toys, but we can’t forget to make sure your dog will be safe in the car, too.

Animals moving freely in a vehicle not only is dangerous to them in the event of a hard break, turn, or accident, but it also is dangerous for your driver. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents across the nation. We all know our Goldendoodles love to be with their people, but having them try to climb in your lap or jump between the front and back seat while on the road could be the distraction that leads to disaster. Fortunately, there are several options to keeping your puppy and yourself safe during your travels.

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If you’ve worked to crate train your dog, you’re probably already planning to take their kennel with you. Having them ride inside their kennel provides many benefits. They’re already familiar with this space and their movements are restricted in the car to prevent distractions. This will provide a less stressful ride for both the dog and the humans. Additionally, if there were to be an accident, the kennel would protect your dog from projectiles or other items that could injure them. This would also keep them from running away from the accident in fear. The last thing anyone wants is their precious pet lost in an unfamiliar area while possibly injured.


This popular option creates a physical barrier to keep your Goldendoodle from moving freely throughout the entire car. Some vehicles have options to keep your pet in the back storage area of your car or options to keep them in the back seating area. This does help prevent your dog from trying to reach you. It can also prevent projectiles from injuring your pet in the case of an accident. Always consult your vehicle manual for acceptable products for your specific car model.


This option takes up the least amount of space in your vehicle, and could be the most cost effective. This set-up consists of putting a harness on your Goldendoodle and using a shortened leash designed to buckle into your car’s belt buckle. There are some options that are designed to have the car’s original seatbelt thread through the harness instead of using an attachment. Kurgo and Sleepypod both offer car crash tested options on their website. This option will keep your Goldendoodle restrained to one area of the car, but provides no protection from projectiles in the case of an accident.

Tags and Microchips

Before hitting the road with your beloved pet, make sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip are up to date and legible. If you’re using a kennel to travel, some pet owners will tape their pet’s information on the exterior of the kennel, as well. Enjoy traveling safely with your pets over the holidays knowing that you’re keeping you and your Goldendoodle safe.

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