What You Should Know About Giving Your Dog a Bath

Your dog needs a bath, but where do you start? From selecting the right products to knowing how to help your dog feel comfortable with getting wet, the process can seem difficult at first. This article will go into three key things you can do so that you can have a positive experience bathing your dog.

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When to Bathe Your Dog

When it comes to bathing your dog, it’s impossible not to love the feel of their clean fur and their fresh smell. But even though it can seem like a good thing to bathe them often, it can actually have negative consequences. In fact, bathing your dog too often can leave them with dry skin.

The frequency of bathing your dog depends on the time of year. During the spring and summer months, your dog perspires more, gets more dirty, and actually benefits from somewhat frequent baths. During the winter months, you should bathe them less.

How to Make Them Comfortable

Making your dog comfortable while you bathe it can be a difficult process especially because you want your dog to associate the bath with positive feelings. Associating the bath with positive feelings will make your dog more likely to cooperate in the future.

There are a couple key things to remember. Make sure the water temperature is comfortable for your dog. Too hot or too cold and your dog will be quick to try and get away. You should also be careful to not get the soap in their eyes.

How to Bathe Them

Giving your dog a proper bath starts before you even get your dog wet. Be sure to prepare the tub before you get your dog. Some dogs can become afraid at the sound of running water.

Also remember to put cotton balls in your dog’s ears before the bath to ensure that the water doesn’t get into your dog’s ears. This can not only be uncomfortable for the dog but it can also end up being relatively painful. As you are lathering the shampoo into your dog’s fur, be sure to be gentle. Yanking your dog’s hair can make your dog skittish and could make it hard to finish the bath.

Bathing your dog may seem like an intimidating task if your dog doesn’t like water and you don’t know exactly where to start. These tips can help you know how to make your dog associate positive feelings with baths.

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