Are you in the market for a puppy to add to your family? Whether you’ve always wanted to own a dog or whether you’ve finally been convinced by your kids to get one, having a dog can be very rewarding. Dogs are friendly, loving pets that will bring a lot of happiness to your life. However, is a big commitment to care for a dog, both time and monetary. Here are a few details that will shed some light on the work that goes into raising a dog.

Vet Visits

First of all, you’ll need to take your dog to the vet. How often they’ll need to see the vet will depend on how old your dog is. When your dog is just a puppy under 1-year-old, they’ll need to see the vet every month until they’re 4 months old. These visits will be to get them the necessary vaccines and shots. When your dog is 1-7/10 years old, they’ll just need to go in for yearly checkups to make sure that their growth and health are going well. Of course, if your dog starts acting sick outside of the yearly checkups, take them to the vet to see if there is an issue that needs to be taken care of to get them feeling healthy again. Once your dog is 7-10 years and older, they’ll have to visit the vet semiannually. This will help keep your dog healthy as they gets older.

Regular Grooming

Another regular task that will come along with owning a doodle is taking them in to get groomed regularly. Starting your puppy early will help them get used to grooming early, which is extremely important for breeds that require routine grooming. Most doodles have hair that grows continually that needs to be brushed and maintained to avoid matting which causes your dog discomfort. Regular grooming will also help them look neat and cute. There are many cut styles to choose from so you can keep their hair at an ideal length without letting it get too long. Grooming your pets can also help rid your home of fleas. Regular grooming can help their skin and hair or fur stay healthy and shiny. Make sure to find a groomer in your area that you love that knows how to work with doodles.


You’ll also need to get your dog trained, no matter how young or old they are. Having a new pet in your home means that you’ll need to train them where to sleep, eat, and relieve themselves. Potty training can especially take some time and patience, especially when you have a small puppy. Make sure that you get your dog on a regular sleeping and eating schedule. There might also be other ways you want to train your dog, if you have tricks you want them to learn or if you have specific behaviors you want them to abide by. Training your dog can take weeks up to months depending on what you’re working on.

So, if you’ve decided to add a doodle to your family, remember the tips in this article. Taking care of a dog, including taking them to the vet, grooming them regularly, and training them, can take quite a bit of time and patience. However, when you see how much your family loves having your dog, every hour dedicated to caring for it will be worth it.

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