Happy Home: Snickerdoodle

My wife and I were so lucky in finding Phil and Red Letter Doodles.

From my first time talking to him he set me at ease and answered all my questions, you could tell he really loves his dogs and wants to find the best homes for them.

We were told we could come look at the puppies anytime we wanted to and as often as we wanted to, we loved them all but really fell in love with our Snickerdoodle because of his markings and how much he played with us when we visited.

Phil told us he was going to be biggest of the litter, he was so honest and trustworthy knowing we wanted a mini doodle. We still got him and can’t be happier, our groomer and the puppy day care place he goes rave about how great of a dog he is. He goes to puppy daycare so he gets to socialize with other dogs and people, the owner calls him an angel and says she has never seen a golden doodle this loving and sweet.

We highly recommend Phil and Red Letter Doodles he is such a great breeder and his dogs all get testing and come to you perfect. We will be getting our second doodle from him soon.

T. Edgar

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